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“You know you’re getting older when… you remember when the @ sign was only used in math problems.”
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  • Do internet Search Engines track you?
  • The Hourly Forecast chart has been extended to 15 days,
    and now allows user entry for the location
    [Information ➣ Weather ➣ 15-Day Forecast]
  • Download a computer file of the neighbors
    [Trinidad Way ➣ Neighbors]
  • Measure a Walking Route almost anywhere in the world
    [More Sites ➣ Miscellaneous ➣ Measure Walking Path]
  • The Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension
  • Convert two latitude/longitude pairs to distance
    (IslandWalk is approximately 26.25N, 81.71W.)
    [More Sites ➣ Converters ➣ Lat / Lon to Distance]
  • Password Generator[see]
  • Texting and Internet Abbreviations
    [More Sites ➣ Miscellaneous ➣ Acronyms & Abbreviations]
  • The Lakes Committee brochure regarding our lakes.
  • Most mapping pages  [Information ➣ Interactive Maps]
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