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Your current Neighborhood Representatives (CONCUR Members, a.k.a. street reps) and their primary assignments are listed below. All of your street reps represent all of the residents on Trinidad Way. If you cannot reach your street rep, contact any of the other reps.

2020-2021 Trinidad Way Street Reps

Don Leonardo (4039)
(239) 592‑6007
(513) 543‑3218

Ken Brown (4057)
(239) 254‑9582
(239) 248‑6355

Shirley Rugenius (4046)
(239) 431‑6008

Sheila Reese (4032)
(410) 804‑7613

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What’s a street rep? Mostly, we’re a local source of information about the “business” side of IslandWalk ‑ or someone who can try to find another contact. IslandWalk has over 150 street reps in total. We’re not “policemen” enforcing the association rules, nor are we expecting to be “complaint handlers”, although we can still point you to the right person. Complaints generally go to the Town Manager and/or the Compliance Officer, and should be submitted in writing to the Town Center desk if you really want to make progress on a problem. The Town Manager and/or the Compliance Officer usually decides how to go forward ‑ dismissing the complaint, writing letters of warning, passing the problem up to the Board of Directors, taking legal action, etc.

In the event that a meeting is called, or a survey is taken, where the CONCUR members will be voting on your behalf, we may attempt to poll all homeowners to determine your sentiments prior to voting; if we cannot reach you, we’ll use our own judgement. Remember, all the street reps represent everyone on the street. We provide a primary contact for each homeowner to maintain a sense of continuity.

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