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“You know you’re getting older when…  it takes longer to rest than it did
to get tired.”
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by Ken Brown
FOB Sales, Locking “Schedule”,
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What’s on your mind?
It could be Trinidad Way, the Association,
the Board –  but if it’s landscaping,
please start with:
The Landscaping Company

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Saturday December 10, 2022
Trinidad Way’s Holidazzle

Latest Update

Sing-Along Words

Deadline: November 20
Confirmed Attendees: 33

Trinidays Activities!

  • By request, the most-used categories under “Interesting
    Sites” are now available directly from the main menu. In
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  • The Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension
  • Convert two latitude/longitude pairs to distance ‑
    IslandWalk is approximately 26.25N, 81.71W.
    [Information ➣ Interesting Sites ➣ Converters]
  • Reserve a racquet-sports court in IslandWalk
  • The new Mental Health Crisis Line ➣ dial 988
  • Beach Water Quality[Information ➣ Interesting Sites ➣ Health]
  • Password Generator[see]
  • Texting and Internet Abbreviations
    [Information ➣ Interesting Sites ➣ Miscellaneous]
  • The Lakes Committee brochure regarding our lakes.
  • Most mapping pages  [Information ➣ Interactive Maps]
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