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The Internet is bloated with information, some of it useful, some of it helpful, some of it… well… use your own judgement. This page collects some sites that might be worth visiting, as verified by Ken. The sites are grouped into categories in the menus, currently including:

• News 
• Weather 
• Finance 
• Utilities 
• Shopping 
• Health 
• Travel 

More Sites:
• Collier County 
• Searches 
• Restaurants 
• Rides / Deliveries 
• Charts 
• Converters 
• Miscellaneous 
• Past Hurricanes 

The displayed category is determined by the chosen menu item, showing the sites for that item. Selecting a different category can be done either via the menu or by using the dropdown list.

Within each category, most pages are external to Trinidays. Clicking a Site button will open the desired page ‑ unless your browser does not permit so‑called “Popup” windows. You may have to contact Ken if that occurs, since the page may not appear to do anything at all.

Within the “Health” category, a Body Mass Index (BMI) calulator is also provided. Select your height in feet and inches, and your body weight in pounds, then click the to display your BMI. Over 30 is classified Obese; over 25 is classified Overweight; under 18.5 is classified Underweight; anthything else is classified Normal.

If you have a suggestion for a site and/or a site category, please email Ken. If you want a LOT of other categorized sites, check out Kadaza. These sites have not been reviewed by, and cannot be changed by, Ken.

The standard page header contains the following functions:

Decisions of the judge are final, but feel free to lobby for another topic to be covered or another page to be referenced from this site.

Explore a bit, and always have fun.

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