Email from Joe Moeller to Ken Brown on 24 June 2018:

As I mentioned at our Trinidad Way street meeting today, it would be very beneficial if all neighbors would be careful where they place vegetative waste. Now that the rainy season is here, it is especially important to keep our swales clear. Everything placed near or in the swales flows directly along the swale until it covers the drain grate, which then prohibits water from flowing into the drainpipe and out through the lakes. As a result, the street floods and water can backup into residents’ homes, especially those properties near the drain grates. This has happened during the past summer seasons.

Vegetative waste is best placed in the area between the swale and the sidewalk, preferably closer to the sidewalk and definitely away from any drainpipe grate. It should only be put out on Monday evening after 6pm for Tuesday pickup on Trinidad.

Please pass this email on to Trinidad residents. Thanks!

Joe Moeller

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